It is essential that your valuation advisor is independent from your company’s auditors and accountants. At Exit This Way Consulting our team of certified business appraisers have performed hundreds of valuations across a wide range of industries. Business valuations are a critical tool that can help guide business owners in the planning and preparation process of managing their affairs and eventually their exit. Business valuations are a mandatory component in answering the big question, what is the business worth or more importantly what could be the expected owner proceeds from a sale. It also sets the internal benchmark expectation of the fair market value of the business. We can customize our Valuations and corresponding reporting level, to fit the purpose.

Exit This Way Consulting offers valuation services for a variety of business needs, including:

Exit Planning

helping an owner better understand the process and the preparation required for an exit

Succession Planning

for a partnership change, management buy-out, or estate (family / tax) planning


debt or equity, acquiring financing from lenders

Selling 100%

a Merger and Acquisition transaction

Carve Outs

selling a division


selling multiple operating companies as a package

There are many factors that are considered in establishing the value beyond multiples, methodologies, ratios and industry benchmark data. We also delve deep into areas such as; the management team, customer concentration, recurring revenue, revenue seasonality, competition, dependency issues, and measuring the sustainable competitive advantages. We do include research about your industry as a reasonableness check against your forecast on future trends and future earnings, which contributes justification to the value.

Once our team of certified business appraisers have completed their work, we provide you with an independent comprehensive business valuation report which at the end includes not only the fair market value but most importantly your Net to Owner Analysis.

Alternately to the comprehensive report

we can provide short form reports to assist with:

Preliminary Range
of Value

Calculation of Value

Annual Codicil updates to a comprehensive report

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Exit Planning Servies

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Valuation Services

We offer comprehensive business appraisals including our proprietary and exclusive Net to Owner Analysis.

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Sell-Side M&A Advisory

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Buy-Side M&A Advisory

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